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The power of event scent

Scent marketing is increasingly being used by brands to enhance customers’ experience with a product or in a store. From luxury hotels to shops on the high street, scents in these spaces are used to create a multi-sensory experience and create a longer lasting connection with their customers.

When multiple senses are triggered, experiences become more intensely memorable and pleasurable. When I begin planning a beautiful event I step into the shoes of the guest, considering every aspect of their experience and journey. This entails considering how the fives senses can work together and compliment each other to create a positive effect on guests’ experience. When I get a brief, the one sense that is so important but rarely at the forefront for clients is smell. 

As an event producer it’s my responsibility to ensure that the guest leaves with a lasting memory of their unique experience. The canapés served, bespoke scenery sets built, background music, décor and furniture chosen are all carefully curated and chosen when planning an event.

An important aspect is to create ambience and the most effective way of doing this is through candlelight. We even build specific time into the production schedule to ensure this is done with adequate time and to deliver maximum impact. Walking into a dimly lit room, sparkling with clusters of flickering candlelight creates a very special and magical moment. 

Adding to event ambience and touching on the guests’ subconscious is formed through the use of smell. Spritzing room spray at the venue entrance, scented candles dotted throughout, diffusers discreetly placed, all adds to the guest experience and takeaway memory of ultimate luxury. 

Why not try adding scent to your own space to lift your mood or aid your concentration. FYG offer an extensive range of diffuser scents from a smokey cuban tobacco to a zingy lime, basil and mandarin. Find your perfect FYG scent!

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