Grandma’s Garden Candle


“Gently tearing off the stems and teasing the edges, she’d hand us the fresh figs. And off we’d run again, squeezing the sweet juice in our mouths.”

Memory: Childhood summers spent in Thessaloniki, Greece

Think fruity cassis, cherry and fig meet floral and woody notes of pine and cedar, brought together with amber and musk. Light this candle, close your eyes and be transported to a bustling Greek garden, with ripe fig trees, laughter, love and sunshine.

*250g hand poured natural candle
*Up to 45 hours burn time
*100% coconut and rapeseed wax with pure cotton wick

To ensure the wax burns evenly, please allow the Candle to Fully Pool
Burn for a minimum of 2 hours and a maximum of 4 hours at any one time
Trim the Wick to no longer than 1cm before every use

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